Nature is the answer
Nature is the answer

At Fattorie di Celli you can take your time, reconnect with nature and recharge your soul.

ritrova la tua pace interiore, ascolta il silenzio della foresta e ricarica la tua anima.


Nature is the answer to many of our questions. 

Luxury, Family, Suites & Tree House

Privacy, luxury and relaxation. Choose between the ample selection of our villas including private pools and park facilities.

The definition of comfort, privacy and hospitality. Choose the Tuscan home you feel a connection with.

Privacy and intimacy. Choose between one of our suites for your personal romantic getaway.

Tree house
That house you dreamt of when you were a child….

 Feeling part of the forest only the sky 

All of our guests can use our pool facilities of the resort

Tutte le nostre case (ad eccezione delle Suites e la casa sull’albero) dispongono di cucina moderna.

Per rimanere nel comfort della vostra villa siamo felici di consigliarvi i migliori ristoranti della zona i quali offrono servizio di delivery dierettamente in Resort o di take-away.

Tree House
Relax… play, make love and meditate. Experience the most romantic moments, all in a tree house made of wood, which separates the reality from that of blissful fantasy. Hide away in the perfect getaway of your dreams like that home you dreamt of as a child.
(queensize bedroom, terrace and bathroom all on one single floor)